Thursday, May 31, 2012

Triggr Innovation Ideas - Blitzkrieg

Team Name: Blitzkrieg

Team Members: Jinen, Dilip, Mandar

Problem Statement: Handling household/Office related daily utilities like fixing of household/office ware, providing grocery to the aged people.


1. User will have to dial our customer care toll free number.

2. Lists their problem to the customer care executive.

3. The customer care executive will collate the required details from the customer and accordingly will contact the associate in that particular area as specified by the customer.

4. The responsible associate will perform required research task like getting in touch with various resources and finding the best and reasonable service provided in and around that locality and provide it to the customer.

5. There will be at least one person will be allocated in each locality.

6. A detailed feedback would be taken from the customer and also customer satisfaction chart would be maintained to better our services in the future.

Product/Service Specification:

Can have various offer packs for customers according to their subscription. For example 199 Rs/ month per user for complete.

Market Estimate:

· 6 cr. Household in India which is equivalent to 1.2mn.

· 1.2mn x 40 Dollars per head per month of service charge.

· Total turnover would be 1.5mn USD.

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