Thursday, May 31, 2012

Triggr – Be Innovative

Introduction: In our daily life, we do travel, purchase tickets/products/groceries, read, write, walk, talk, listen, texting, and many more. And we face certain problems but generally either we ignore or abuse someone for this problem. But one person, say, 1 in 10 crore, find the solution of the problem and ease the life of others and then known as innovator/entrepreneur.

So that's my inspiration to launch Triggr – Be Innovative.  
The story behind the name “Triggr” that its trigger my mind to start something innovative event and I skip ‘e’ from it to make it creative.

I tried to explain my thoughts on Triggr by some daily found problem/solutions.


1. Google search example: When you misspell a query on Google search, it comes back with a “Did you mean <corrected query>” and shows the results for that. How will you implement this feature on a search engine?

Answer 1:  A spell checker that will look at every query. If it finds a misspelt word, then we’ll correct it using the spell checker, and execute that query.

Answer 2: A small group of people will come up with a far more innovative answer: Let us look at the history of all searches on the site looking for the following pattern: A user searched for “x”, didn’t click on any results, and then immediately searched for “y”. If these (x,y) pairs happen frequently, then y is a corrected version of x.

The ingenuity of the second answer becomes apparent when you think of the following issues that will need to be addressed if you were to really implement this. How will you deal with 90 different languages? How to deal with proper nouns, that too in all those languages. How to deal with words like “Flickr” or “Telefone” which are mis-spellings according to the dictionary, but are valid search queries. The second answer solves all these issues elegantly.

2. Hair coloring: The common problem while applying hair coloring is the liquid spread on the dress or floor etc. Recently, I saw a TV add with the product “Hair coloring Gel” which solves the above problem.

3. KIOSK: Financial institutions have realized that their Web sites are valuable sales and service channels. When combined with online banking and bill pay tools - the online channel delivers one of the most profitable and convenient ways for customers to maintain an ongoing relationship with a financial institution. The self-service banking kiosk was first developed to give financial institutions a more secure, attractive and reliable way to introduce their customers to their online channel offerings.
Placing KIOSK in branches is a great way to divert certain customer tasks out of crowded teller lines and into the self-service environment. Some of these tasks include:
Account balance inquires
Check reordering
Cleared check/deposit records look up
Money transfers
E-statement sign up
Loan applications
Online banking access
And more

4. Online purchasing/selling of products: BookMyShow, Snap Deal, Home Shop 18 are the ideas who makes our life far easier than ever.

5. Drona Mobile: 

Then to make it more clear, I organized a game called Triggr yourself.


  1. I am a part of the "Triggr" family, and it feels very different to see and come across so many innovative things going around us, which are very simple but yet amazing, hope to see more of Triggr in nearing future. Cheerios...\m/

    1. Mandar, definitely. Our different approach on innovation/creativity will make the difference and impact future technologies.

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