Thursday, May 31, 2012

Triggr Innovation 2 - Avengers

Team Name: Team Avengers

Problem Statement: Inconvenience in travelling through public transport services (BEST)


To predict the number of waiting commuters at each Bus-stop and then channelize the resources(bus routes) accordingly.
By using (LBS) swipe card application system the BEST passengers can complete their journey from the nearest respective Railway Station.

At the BEST Depot, we propose to BEST Authority to enable the swipe card system for:

1. BEST Authority to measure the number of passengers intending to move for each specific location.

2. It will empower BEST Authority to allocate the buses as per requirement of passengers.

3. This system will help people to manage their time for scheduling journey comfortably & conveniently.

4. By swipe card system BEST Authority can manage crowd in the peak hours.

5. Passengers can reach to their desired location in time.

6. Database of passengers could be collated by BEST Authority for scheduling buses according to the demand.

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